CleanShot X


macOS 10.14.4 or later



CleanShot X 是一款功能强大的屏幕截图和录屏工具,专为 macOS 平台设计。它提供了一系列实用的特性,方便用户在工作和日常生活中进行截图和录屏操作。以下是 CleanShot X 的一些主要特性:

  1. 屏幕截图:CleanShot X 提供了多种截图选项,包括全屏截图、窗口截图和选区截图。您可以快速捕捉屏幕上的任何内容,并进行标记、注释和编辑。
  2. 高级标记工具:CleanShot X 提供了丰富的标记工具,使您可以在截图中添加箭头、文字、矩形、圆形和涂鸦等。这些工具可以帮助您强调重点、提供说明和添加注解。
  3. 录屏功能:CleanShot X 具有强大的屏幕录制功能,可以轻松录制屏幕上的活动。您可以选择录制整个屏幕、特定窗口或自定义区域,并可以选择录制声音和麦克风输入。录屏过程中还可以使用标记工具进行实时标注。
  4. 录制设置和快捷键:CleanShot X 允许您自定义录制设置,并为录屏操作分配自定义的快捷键。您可以轻松调整录制分辨率、帧率、音频设置等,并使用自定义的快捷键启动和停止录制。
  5. 图片管理和编辑:CleanShot X 提供了一个方便的图片管理器,使您可以轻松查看和编辑之前的截图和录屏。您可以进行剪裁、旋转、调整大小和应用滤镜等编辑操作,方便后续使用和分享。
  6. 隐私保护:CleanShot X 具有隐私保护功能,您可以选择隐藏敏感信息,如文件名、桌面图标和任务栏图标等,以保护您的隐私。

总的来说,CleanShot X 是一款功能强大、易于使用的屏幕截图和录屏工具,提供了丰富的截图和录制选项,以及标记工具和编辑功能。它可以帮助您高效地捕捉屏幕内容、添加标注、进行录制和管理截图,提升工作效率和沟通效果。

CleanShot is the ultimate screen recording app made for macOS. With its rich toolkit, CleanShot actually feels like 6 apps in one. You can use it to swiftly capture Mac’s screen without desktop icons, record and trim video, annotate, save screenshots to dedicated cloud, and more.


CleanShot Cloud

You can instantly save your screen captures to CleanShot Cloud, dedicated screenshots hosting integrated with the app. Right from the quick menu, upload your screenshot to the cloud, and get a link to it in a click.

Hide desktop icons

CleanShot hides desktop icons, so that you can capture your Mac’s screen on the spot, without wasting time on a cleanup. If you need a quick capture, toggle the icons and bring them back once you’re finished. You can even set a custom wallpaper like an image or plain color for your screenshots.

Record screen

CleanShots lets you choose between recording a video or a GIF, whether you capture a specific window, part of the screen, or fullscreen. Even set your custom dimensions before hitting the Record button. You can also disable desktop notifications for when you’re recording.

Quick Access Overlay

Right after taking a screenshot, you’ll see a small pop-up window appear on the screen. It’s the shortcut to viewing, annotating, or sharing whatever you’ve just captured. Essentially, Quick Access Overlay gives you an instant editing toolkit, plus saves you from searching and reopening screenshots.

Simple yet powerful

CleanShot teaches you to use simple actions while capturing the screen — yet provides tons of options to do it. You can grab the area, fullscreen, window, or even a scrolling window. Set a timer if you need a few seconds to capture the right moment. In your hands, it caters for your needs.

Annotate, highlight or blur

No screenshot is perfect. Using CleanShot’s built-in editor, you can highlight or hide specific parts of your screenshots as well as add annotations flexibly. Just click on the pencil icon in the Quick Access Overlay to edit screen captures in a flash.


版本 大小 要求 日期
4.6.1 28.2 MB macOS 10.14.4 or later 10/26/2023
4.6.0 32.8 MB macOS 10.14.4 or later 09/11/2023